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Angeltone's First Bass Pickup Is Now Available...
The Angeltone APB-1

Angeltone has a 'new' 1950's Geo. Stevens pickup coil winder!
Read about its restoration here - from this... this - with modern DC wiring and control system!


If you recieved righthanded Angeltone pickups from one of our promotions
(like the 2020 Premier Guitar Magazine Mystery Stocking o
Vintage Guitar Magazine's 2021 Super Pickup Giveaway
) but you're
lefthanded and can't use them, you're definitely *not* out of luck.

Why? If you get one of my righthanded pickups and you need a lefty one,
  just return it to me and I will make you a BRAND NEW lefty pickup
of the same model with ***NO CHARGE NOT EVEN FOR SHIPPING!***

Please email me at for details


We are "Lefty Friendly"! Find your pickups here

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