Welcome to Angeltone's Custom Shop!

At Angeltone, we believe that one pickup doesn't fit all. Every player has a 'sound'
they're looking for, and we want to help you find your own.

Our pickups are made one by one from scratch for each player, and that means
you really can get your new Angeltone pickup the way you want it.

 You're left handed? Cool. Have a pickup you love and need a matching pickup? Still Cool.
Need a special coil wind or magnets? No problem. Have an idea for a new pickup?
We're here to help.

This is a copy of an original 1955 Stratocaster pickup a customer had us rewind for his late father's
instrument. This pickup has beveled edges on the bobbin's top plate, slightly oversized magnets
in the correct polarity, real nitrocellulose lacquer bobbin dip before winding, 42 gauge heavy Formvar
coil wire wound in a 'vintage approved' barrel shape, cloth covered 'push back' hookup wire, and
real wax potting for coil protection and feedback suppression

One of the first Angeltone custom pickup sets.
This is the 50B S/S set, custom designed with John Stannard to give his
Tele the sound and dynamic response of a great 1950 Broadcaster with a twist...
the 'modern' ability to play both the pickups together with equal volume and power.
These pickups have the same Alnico III magnets and 43 gauge plain enamel coil wire
as a great original 1950 lead pickup - without the lead pickup's volume boost!

If you would like to hear John talk about these pickups in his own words,
please watch this Youtube video here

One of Angeltone's first LEFT HANDED 5S7 (1957 model) Strat pickups.
Why? One of our customers wanted a set of pickups for his lefty Strat.
Now, every Angeltone pickup with 'staggered magnets' is available in both
right and left handed versions at no extra cost!

This pickguard is very interesting... if you're a Robbie Robertson fan.
This is a custom pickguard for a model of the 'Bronze Strat' Robbie played
in the movie "The Last Waltz". From top - a righthanded 5S4 (1954) rhythm
pickup, the middle is a lefthanded 5S7 (1957) model, and the lead is a custom
pickup designed to match the 5S7 when both pickups are played together
as a humbucking pickup. The customer also asked for a CTS 'pull pot' middle
tone control for more switching flexibility

Avenger - a fingerpicker's dynamic delight! This pickup makes your guitar's
B string audible with modern string gauges... without compression!

Corsair - vintage coil wind with flatpole magnets for even string-to-string
volume with modern strings!

Lightning - high power and clean tone without active preamps!
These three pickups were originally custom designed for customers with
specific tonal needs, and we liked them so much we decided to give them
their own models!

The Avenger (at top) was designed for a player who wanted to play Mark Knopfler
styled lead playing without pedals, but his Strat's B string notes were mostly
inaudible with modern light gauge strings. The Avenger pickup gave him the ability
to fingerpick without a board full of pedals!

The Corsair (middle) was designed for a player who wanted to hear his Strat
with equal string-to-string volume balance... with light gauge strings. This is important
 because Leo Fender designed the original Stratocaster pickup for even string volume
balance using Black Diamond 12-52 string gauges with a wound G string. If you play a
vintage Strat using modern light gauge strings, each string will have a different volume
compared to the others.

The Lightning (at bottom) was the answer to a
very old customer who wanted the most
powerful 'Strat style' single coil pickup we could build with three conditions - 1) the pickup
had to be passive with no active preamp, 2) the pickup had to fit in a stock Fender Strat's
body's pickup route with no modifications, and 3) the pickup must still preserve the clean
tone Angeltones are known for.

He imagined having a pickup with the ability to instantly change his tone from crystal clear
to flaming hot simply by changing where and how hard you hit your strings - without using
any drive pedals or signal processing of any kind. It wasn't easy,
but after many prototypes we think we finally succeeded.

If you see a pickup here you would be interested in, or you would like us to make your own
custom pickup, just findyourtone@angeltone.com

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