For Lefties Only...

All Angeltone pickups for Teles and Strats (and clones) originally designed
with 'staggered height magnets'
are now available in LEFT HANDED

This is the 'left handed' version of the Angeltone 5S7 - our most popular pickup!
This photo is the actual lead pickup in the set shown below

The following pickups are now available as LEFT HANDED versions

    For 'Strats' and clones
  5S4 (1954 version with Alnico III magnets)
5S7 (1957 version with Alnico V magnets)
6S2 (1962 version with Alnico V magnets)
  6S5 (1965 version w/gray bottom, PE, cloth wire)
 6S9 (1969 version w/gray bottom, PE, vinyl wire)

    For 'Teles' and clones
     55T (1955 version with staggered D and G magnets)
62T (1962 version with black bottom)
 65T (1965 version with gray bottom, cloth wire)
69T (1969 version with gray bottom, vinyl wire)

To specify left handed models of these pickups, just add the suffix letters
'LH' to the model name. (Example - left handed 5S7 as shown above = 5S7LH)
For more information, please refer to the catalog page for each pickup model

of these pickup models are also available at no extra cost with your choice of magnetic polarity
and coil winding direction to match your existing pickups, as well as your choice of pickup cover colors
for 'Strat' models - white, parchment, aged white, or black. All Tele lead pickup models with black bobbins
(50B, 52T,
55T or 62T) are available with either black wax or clear wax dip  (for visible white string wrap).
Please specify when ordering


I also offer complete pickguard assemblies in popular colors optimized for left
handed players - with your choice of pickguard brands, colors and plastic parts*,
control pots*, selector switches* (3 or 5 way and your choice of brands), brands and
values of tone control capacitors*, and 'vintage style cloth' or modern vinyl insulated
hookup wire. Just contact us for details and pricing at
(*depending upon parts availability - contact me first)

 This example pickguard shown below fits a modern '11 hole' Strat body
with no modifications!

This pickguard has three left handed Angeltone 5S7 pickups installed,
with the center pickup RW/RP (reverse wound coil and reversed magnets)
for a humcancelling effect in the #2 (both rhythm and middle) and #4
(both middle and lead pickups) selector switch positions!

This complete assembly shown below comes with vintage style cloth 'pushback' hookup wire,
genuine CTS 250Kohm volume and tone pots and CRL '5 way' pickup selector switch,
Mallory 150 series .047uf tone control capacitor and Switchcraft output jack (jack not shown)

*For more information, please read the individual model pages of this website
or contact me at