Why does Angeltone make so many different kinds of 'vintage styled' pickups?

Information on the all new Angeltone Avenger guitar pickup may be found here

Pricing Structure as of June 1, 2020
Left or Right Handed Pickup Models Are The Same Price
with FREE SHIPPING to buyers in the continental United States!

All single pickups of any single coil pickup model are $74.95 USD

All sets of pickups for Strats and copies (three pickups) are
$224.95 USD

All Tele and Student Guitar (Mustang) pickup sets (two pickups) are $149.95 USD

Overseas (nonCONUS) purchasers please email me for shipping costs and information

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Stratocasters And Clones

Telecasters And Clones


We also sell pickups for Mustangs, Musicmasters and
other student guitars - click here for details!