John R. Stannard (1957 - 2015)

John R. Stannard died in his sleep on 22 August 2015.

He was survived by his wife Mandy Marie Luke, their dog Norton...
and lots and lots
of loving fans worldwide.

Thank you John for so many things - your incredible talent,
your great sense of humor, and best of all for believing me
when I told you I could make you 'your own' pickups...
and for helping me get them just right...
and for making them sound so damned good too. :)

In honor of John's memory, Angeltone will no longer create
sets of 'Stannard Special' Tele pickups

Video Clips - 1)John Stannard Special Set (Youtube Video by John Stannard)
2)playing live with his trio in Austin, TX on New Year's Eve 2014


For all of those out there who think Teles can't shred... this one's for you.
Try and keep up*

  John playing 'Stateside' with David Hartley at the 2011 Dallas Steel Guitar Festival
with his very first Angeltone 50B lead pickup... the one that started it all

John's interview at the 2014 Texas Steel Guitar Association
 Dallas Jamboree... with his new Telonics TCA-500 amplifier

John with a prototype 55T (1955 Tele style) Angeltone lead pickup

And from the archives...

John and David Hartley in 11/2011 at the DSGF...
playing 'Daydreams about Night Things'

John back home in England at Tivetshall Railway...
  Moondancing in 2011 with the Twangrenades

Postscript... John's red sparkle Dikkers Telecaster was stolen
on April 19,2017 in Mol, Belgium during Mandy Marie's European tour!

This guitar has a custom red sparkle finish used on no other Dikkers instruments,
a maple neck, black and white checkered binding, and a set of
Angeltone Stannard Special pickups.

If you have any information on this guitar please email us

Basically, John asked me for a miracle...
 I met John because of my own interest in rockabilly and hot country music.
 I had talked to his wife about making a special set of pickups for his Telecaster,
incorporating some of his own ideas on what made up a great Tele sound.

I had no idea that it was all going to end up as one of the greatest challenges of my pickup winding career.

You can watch the Youtube video that John had made himself discussing his own search

for his personal sound by clicking on the photo of the pickups shown above.

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