Warranty/Returns Information

    Angeltone Electronics LLC warranties its musical instrument pickup products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship in normal use
for the life of the original purchaser.
Angeltone Electronics LLC's warranty will not cover broken/cut/punctured coil windings, cut/damaged bobbin materials
 or rusty magnets from beer/sweat/'whatever' damage,
accident, misuse, improper use, installation or wiring, tampering with or any
mechanical/physical alterations in any way, or any repairs or modifications not done by Angeltone Electronics LLC.

Angeltone musical instrument pickups damaged by a customer during installation will be repaired for $19.95USD + free shipping to CONUS customers*.

To return your pickup, just email us here, tell us what is wrong with your Angeltone musical instrument pickup and send us photos
of the top of the Angeltone musical instrument pickup showing the Angeltone logo, and the bottom of the pickup showing the model
and date of manufacture of the pickup. We will give you an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number for shipping your original pickup
to us. Then ship the original pickup back to Angeltone Electronics LLC with the sales receipt, the
original packaging and all paperwork intact.
Angeltone Electronics LLC will at our option either repair the original pickup or ship you a replacement pickup of the same model
upon receipt and inspection of your original pickup.

*International customers - there will be an added shipping charge of $24.95 USD due to the cost of shipping overseas.

Privacy Policy

Angeltone Electronics LLC does not use tracking cookies or any other kind of information gathering system
to harvest data from anyone who visits this website or any of my other websites,
and I do not buy or sell any data I may gather as part of my operations.

I do not collect credit card numbers or any other financial information.

In fact, any purchases or refunds done on, by or for this site is done via Paypal.

If anyone would like to be placed on an email list to receive news or information about Angeltone
musical instrument pickups,
please do email me at findyourtone@angeltone.com
with the subject heading Mailing List.


    The names 'Stratocaster', 'Strat', 'Telecaster', 'Tele', 'Broadcaster', 'Nocaster', 'Esquire', 'Precision', 'Mustang', 'Musicmaster',
'Bronco', 'Swinger', Precision Bass', 'P Bass', 'Jazz Bass', and 'J Bass' are trademarked by FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Co.)
These names are used here purely for descriptive, educational or informational reasons only.

    The names 'Gibson', 'Les Paul', 'P90', and 'Soapbar' are trademarks of Gibson Guitar.
These names are used here purely for descriptive, educational or informational reasons only.

    Angeltone Electronics LLC will not knowingly infringe upon any known patents or trademarks held by any other persons or legal entities.

    Angeltone Electronics LLC will not manufacture any musical instrument parts known by us
to be patented in the United States Of America by any other persons or legal entities.

    If you believe that any patents or trademarks that you or the company that you may work for may hold may have been
infringed upon by Angeltone Electronics LLC, please send us a letter via certified mail on your company's letterhead
with copies of documentation of either your specific trademark information or documentation stating
the specific USPTO patent number of the patent you believe has been infringed upon.

    For the interested, the mailing address for Angeltone Electronics LLC is

Angeltone Electronics LLC
PO Box 2702
Oshkosh, WI 54903 USA

Our phone number is (920) 6519892

    Thank you, Angeltone Electronics LLC

One more thing... the word 'Angeltone' and the 'tube n' halo' logo are both U.S. trademarks of Angeltone Electronics LLC
All Rights Reserved 2022