Pickup Restorations

Here are two examples of pickups we have restored - a 1956 and a 1974 Stratocaster.

1956 Stratocaster pickup before rewinding

This pickup was brought to me by a man who found his father's 1956 Stratocaster
in pieces while settling his estate. This pickup was dead and the other two pickups worked,
so I was asked to rewind this pickup for lead pickup playing and rewire the other two
for rhythm and middle pickup use.

I wanted to keep this pickup as original looking as possible, so I was very careful when cleaning
the bobbin. Once the original coil wire was removed from the bobbin, I cleaned rust and debris
from inside of the bobbin and the pickup magnets and dipped the bobbin in nitrocellulose
lacquer to protect the new coil windings and keep the magnets from rusting.

Then I rewound the coil with 42 gauge heavy Formvar insulated coil wire in a slight 'barrel shaped'
wind, just slightly overwound compared to the original pickups. I then wax potted the pickup and
added new cloth covered 'push back' hookup wire to all the pickups.

This is the 1956 Stratocaster lead pickup after rewinding.
The background is Angeltone's Keithley LCZ meter, used for electrical testing and generating
the datasheets that are included with every Angeltone pickup.
The pickup in this photo's inductance was measured at 2.367 Henries


    This 1974 Fender Stratocaster? pickup came in for a for a rewind not too long ago.
It's supposed to be a stock pickup, but I think the coil wire's insulation may have age degraded
because it read only 4.7K DCR before restoration.

The customer wants it very slightly overwound over stock 1974 Strat specs so it works better
as a lead pickup. I can see it's been rewound at least once already or at least repaired.

The pickup after cleaning and restoring the bobbin. The owner of this pickup was very fortunate
because rusty magnets from sweat and liquids inside the pickup destroys the pickup's coil,
and these original magnets are totally rust free! This made restoring this pickup easy

After thoroughly cleaning the pickup's bobbin, the bobbin was dipped in nitrocellulose lacquer
to seal the bobbin and keep the magnets from rusting, and rewound in 42 gauge plain enamel
coil wire. The pickup was then wax dipped per customer request for feedback suppression
and 'modern' vinyl covered hookup wire was added

The finished 1974 Strat pickup

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