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One of these pickups is a restored 1956 Stratocaster pickup,
and the other is a custom 'relicked' Angeltone 5S4 pickup
with the logo removed from the photo only for comparison.

Can you tell which one is which?

Please click on the photos for the answer


If you recieved righthanded Angeltone pickups from one of our promotions
(like the
Vintage Guitar Magazine's Super Pickup Giveaway 2024
Premier Guitar Magazine's 2023 Mystery Stocking)
but you're lefthanded and can't use them, you're definitely *not* out of luck.


If you get one of my righthanded pickups and you need a lefty one,
  just return it to me and I will make you a BRAND NEW lefty pickup
of the same model with ***NO CHARGE NOT EVEN FOR SHIPPING!***

Please email me at for details


We are "Lefty Friendly"! Find your pickups here

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