Ordering Info

Domestic (USA) Orders

If you wish to place an order for Angeltone musical instrument pickups, you may either telephone us at 1 (920) 6519892
or email us with your order, and we will send you a return email with the total cost of your purchase
and the Paypal address we use for payments. If you prefer not to use Paypal,once the order is placed
you may mail a personal check or money order (no cash accepted please) to Angeltone Electronics LLC, PO Box 3104,
 Oshkosh, WI 54903 USA. Once the check clears, we will start building your pickups.

International Orders

    Due to the varying value of the U.S. dollar, we have had to use US Mail International rate Parcel Post delivery to ship your pickups to you.
This may take up to 6 to 12 business days to ship to you.
UPS or FedEx shipping is also available at extra cost.


    Angeltone Electronics welcomes feedback about its products... if you have questions or comments
about an Angeltone musical instrument pickup, call us at 1 (920) 6519892 or email us.

If you are emailing about an Angeltone musical instrument pickup that you may already own,
please put the model and date of manufacture of your Angeltone
musical instrument pickup
 in the subject line of your email. We will try to answer your email if possible in 24 hours or less.