At first I thought it was hopeless.

After doing some research, I found out my winder was missing almost its
complete gearbox and tailstock as well as a complete set of drive gears and traverse cams!

This is a photo of my 1950's Stevens Model 120M's gearbox showing many of the parts
my Model 20 is missing. This photo also shows an electric turns counter on top of the winder
as well as an early electric brake at the left of the photo.

These were once connected to a control panel to control the winder's basic functions.

If you have any of these gears or cams and would like to sell them,
please contact me!

These gears are made of steel, about 1/8 an inch thick, the center hole is 1/4" diameter,
and the largest one is about the size of a poker chip. They should have a number
stamped on them - the number of teeth each one has on it.

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