Honajector 1OZ Plastic Injection Molding Machine

1960's Honajector Model 1OZ plastic injection molding machine. Read about its restoration here

At Angeltone, we believe that using real vintage tools together with modern technology allows us
to make the best pickups possible, and this machine is a good example of this idea.
This machine is used to mold small plastic objects like toys, control knobs, and other parts
that were too small in either size or quantity to use a large injection molding machine.
 Machines like this one were also used in high school shop classes and trade schools
to teach plastic molding fundamentals to their students.

Angeltone can use this machine to make its own 'humbucker' pickup bobbins, pickup covers,
tuner, volume and tone control knobs, pickup selector switch tips, and other small plastic guitar
or bass parts. In fact, the last person to operate this machine was making guitar picks.
I know that because these two were left in the plastic that came with the machine.

This machine can make any thermoplastic part in any color I choose that weighs less than 1 ounce
and is smaller than the size of the mold. For example, this is a real 1950's Gibson, Inc. screwdriver
 used as case candy when you bought a new instrument. The 1OZ was originally designed to easily
mold this kind of part. In fact, this Honajector's demonstration mold is a screwdriver handle.

Best of all, the molds themselves are inexpensive and easy to make. This screwdriver mold was
made of aluminum, but they can also be made in a modern 3D printer using high temperature resins!

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