The 65R 'CBS era' rhythm pickup

Soundclips 65R (1965 Tele type rhythm) alone
65R/65T used together (middle position)

This rhythm pickup was used in 'CBS' era Telecasters made from 1965 to 1968.
This pickup's amount of coil windings was reduced by CBS to match the lead pickup.

  First, we start out with a pair of our own hand machined Forbon (vulcanized fiber) black top plates and gray bottom bobbin plates made right in house.
Then we assemble the bobbin with the correct size Alnico V magnets and insulate the bobbin with a coat of nitrocellulose lacquer
to protect the coil windings. Then we wind the pickup's coil with period correct 43 gauge plain enamel wire,
install vintage style cloth covered 'push back' hookup wire, and pot the pickup in nitrocellulose lacquer 'just like they used to'
to protect the coil and reduce microphonics. Once the potting coat is dry, the cover is installed, the pickup is tested for tone,
and a datasheet with the pickup's electrical measurements are included with the pickup.
This pickup is also available in RW/RP
 (reverse magnetic polarity and coil winding direction) for a 'humcancelling' effect when used with a matching Angeltone lead pickup at no extra cost.

This pickup is normally sold with a nickeled
pickup cover - add $5.00 USD for a gold plated pickup cover.

            Price $74.95 USD