1957 was a very good year...

Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and Eddie Cochran was on the radio
blazing new musical trails, Fender, Gibson, and Gretsch were making
the guitars that would define music for generations to come, and American
engineering, technology and styling was the best in the world at any price.

This is a 1957 Monarch 10EE toolroom metal turning lathe.

Since 1939, versions of this lathe were sold to
NASA, Boeing Aircraft, General Motors,
Western Electric, and anyone else who needed what was considered the finest manual
metal turning lathe ever designed. Even today, this machine tool is highly sought after
by machinists around the world for its accuracy, strength and adaptability, not to mention
its cool Art Deco design... so much so that brand new ones are available here right now
 at the monarch.com website... if you can afford it.

I have to admit to me the coolest part of this tool isn't the accuracy
or the eye candy. It's the real honest-to-Tesla vacuum tube power supply
the original 1950's models like mine came with brand new. Check it out...

I bought this lathe to make pickup parts and guitar parts, like volume and tone knobs,
truss rods, bridge saddles, tuning key bushings, strap buttons and string retainers.

This lathe is currently under restoration, and I'm looking for repair parts and information.

If you know of any parts I can buy or information about this lathe, please contact
me at findyourtone@angeltone.com