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                                  Strats And Clones                                  

Click on the photo of the pickup you would like to read about to go to the pickup's specific catalog page.
Once you're there, click on the large photo of the pickup to hear the pickup's soundclip if available.
Use the Back button on your browser to return to the pickup's page.

These are photos of actual Angeltone pickups made by Angeltone Electronics LLC.
We do not say in any way whatsoever that these are original parts.

The term 'Strat' is purely used for descriptive/educational terms only. This term is a USA trademark of FMIC.

 Prewired pickup assemblies using CTS control pots, Switchcraft output jacks, and 3 or 5 way switches
(depending on your application) are also available at extra cost - please email us for details

Angeltone Strat style pickup sets are available either with the middle pickup the same magnetic polarity and wind
as the other pickups, or wound reverse wound and magnetic polarity (RW/RP) for hum suppression.
Please specify on your order

SPECIAL - Order a set of 3 Strat style pickups at regular price
and get a set of matching Angeltone pickup covers FREE!
Color Choices - Black, White or Parchment. If no color choice is made during ordering
then white covers will be supplied with your order

  For The 'Lefties' - We have LEFT HANDED versions available
 of all of our pickups at NO EXTRA COST!
Please ask for details...

The All New Angeltone Avenger

The Corsair - vintage sound and power for light gauge strings!

The Angeltone 5S4 - the pickup model originally used in the first Strats made in 1954 and 1955

The Angeltone 5S7 - our most popular pickup!
This model was used in Strats made from 1956 to 1961

The Angeltone 6S2 - This model was used in Strats made from 1962 to 1964

The Angeltone 6S5 - This model was used in Strats made from 1965 to 1968

  The Angeltone 6S9 This model was used in Strats made from 1969 to 1974

The Angeltone 6S9H - a very special LEFT HANDED version
of our pickup modeled after Strat pickups used from 1968 to 1974
Why is this cool? Read the pickup's page to find out!

       The Angeltone 7S5 - This model was used in Strats made from 1975 to 1982