Pickup A

If you chose Pickup A as the original pickup, you would be incorrect.

This pickup is a custom 'relicked' Angeltone 5S4 pickup with the following details...

Alnico III magnets with oversize diameter, the correct '54' magnet height staggering
and 'original spec' magnetic polarity for use with original pickups.

Vulcanized fiber bobbin top plate with edges beveled

Nitrocellulose lacquer bobbin dip before coil winding for rust resistance

42 gauge heavy Formvar coil wire 'barrel wound' in the correct winding direction

Wax potted coil for protection against damage and feedback resistance

Cloth covered 'push back' hookup wire

This pickup model is available by custom order in right or left handed
 versions in singles or matched sets of three pickups on this website.
Please findyourtone@angeltone.com for more details

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