A laser cutter is one of the most useful modern tools I could possibly own, and also something
I never thought I would ever own. It was always one of those things I dreamed about owning.

A laser could cut out pickup parts out of sheets of Forbon vulcanized fiber while I wind pickups.

Designing new pickup models or design changes normally would take weeks at least to make the jigs
for cutting out new pickup parts. Want to design some pickups for a model you have never done before?
Want to make some five or six string bass pickups but only have parts on hand for four string models?
Want to make pickup parts out of figured wood (like flamed maple) instead of 'normal' materials?

No problem!

With a laser, new pickup designs are as close as your computer.
Just draw them in your CAD program, send the files to the laser's program,
add some Forbon, and hit 'Start'... and voila! Parts! How cool is that?

I got seriously lucky when I found parts from two laser cutters
at an estate sale last winter.

This story is about what I decided to do with them...

This is a photo of my laser after cutting Angeltone's logo into a piece of Forbon pickup material.

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