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These are Angeltone Pickups' Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 
The name Angeltone celebrates all the great players who came before us, inspired us, and are no longer here,
like Charlie Christian, Les Paul, Buddy Holly, George, Jimi, SRV, Danny Gatton, John Stannard, Prince,
and now Jeff Beck. The Righteous Brothers said it best...
"if there's a rock and roll heaven, you know they've got a helluva band".
The name Angeltone and the 'tube and halo' logo were both given to me by a very special lady almost 40 years ago...
 and then she was gone. I always hoped she would someday see the name or logo, remember, and smile.
Every Angeltone pickup is custom made for the player who ordered it. Yes, you can order 'just a pickup' here
but we offer the player the ability to customize their own Angeltone pickup to fit their own specific needs. 

Need a 5S7 (1957 Str** model) with reversed magnetic polarity from the original stock model? No problem.

Need that pickup wound a little hotter than stock (for more drive) or cooler for more chime? Still no problem.

Need the same pickup LEFT HANDED? You got it. Only at Angeltone.
Why do we 'obsess' about using 'old junk' tools or machines to make our Angeltone pickups?
It's not just an obsession for us, it's a quest. :)

We do it because not only are these 'old junk' machines much nicer to use than more modern ones,
we enjoy using them almost as much as I love finding and restoring them.
Besides, we love the dieselpunk vibe they give the shop, as well as knowing
they are fullfilling their original purpose because they were saved from being turned into
'ironic' living room lamps or wine racks.
Angeltone does not offer 'shop tours'. Enough said.
About 'influencers'... you don't ask me for free pickups for the 'exposure'
and I don't ask you to play parties in the middle of nowhere for free either.

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