The Avenger - All New from Angeltone!

Enjoy playing with your amp's dynamics without using boards full of effects pedals?
Have you noticed that if you play clean tones with light gauge strings on a vintage Strat
without using a compressor or booster, the B string's notes are almost missing?

If you have, the Angeltone Avenger pickup is for you!

The Avenger is the first Angeltone pickup custom designed for players who enjoy
playing with their amp's dynamics without using compressors or gain boosters!

The Avenger also excels at fingerpicking styles (ala Mark Knopfler) for three reasons...

1) The vintage Strat's low string magnet staggering is preserved for great lower mid tones

2) The special high string magnet staggering makes the high strings more equal in output

3) The Avenger's special magnetic structure make every note sound great at high volumes
without bright transient attacks - for even balanced sustain and power!

 Just like all the Angeltone 5S4, 5S7 and 6S2's... the pickup bobbins I make myself,
the 42 gauge heavy Formvar pickup coil wire handwound by me on every Angeltone pickup,
 even the nitro lacquer insulating dip, wax potting and cloth covered 'push back' hookup wire
are all here on every new Avenger pickup!

Add your choice of pickup cover colors... Black, White or Parchment
('Right Handed' Pickup Covers Shown... 'Lefty' Covers Available
at No Extra Cost - Just Specify At Ordering!)

Right and Left Handed Avenger Pickups Are Both Available
At No Extra Cost - Contact Us For Details!

The Avenger is also available as your choice either with all three pickups 'stock'
 with the same magnetic and coil winding direction for studio work, or with
the center pickup 'RW/RP' (reversed coil winding direction and magnetic polarity)
for hum reduction when used with either the rhythm or lead pickups at the same time.
(Please specify when ordering... requires a 5 way lever switch
or equivalent - not included)

Price $224.95 USD For The Set of Three Pickups with
Free Shipping to CONUS customers!

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