About 3D Printing...

3D printing (or additive machining) builds a three dimensional object using a CAD
(computer aided design) model, by depositing material layer by layer onto the object.
There are two basic methods of this, either using a laser beam to selectively harden
liquid plastic in a tank or using melted plastic filament deposited onto a baseplate.
Most home use printers use the melted filament method to make objects.

This is a relatively new technology. It was invented in the early 1980's for industrial
prototyping, but has evolved very rapidly since then. Thanks to modern technology, it
is now possible to buy a small high performance 3D printer for your home just like the
'2D' paper printer you probably use on your computer right now.

What can the 3D printer do? It can print anything from small tools or toys to these
artworks shown below... limited by your imagination and your printer of course.
No matter what you're into, you can probably find something 3D printed that you
would enjoy.

 The CAD programs for making all of these objects are available on the Internet.

(FYI - These photos below were taken from various web sources solely for educational uses only. The original sources
are unknown to me. If you feel that your photo was used without attribution, please email me for photo credit)

Thai Buddha

This Moon hanging lamp is an example of a lithophane. Lithophanes are 3D pictures
that are only able to be seen clearly when backlit. When not lit, this looks like a ball

3D printed guitar with interchangable bodies... themselves also 3D printed. Cool idea!

A full size, playable steel string acoustic guitar. I'm really curious about this one
 and wish my printer was bigger so I could try this myself

With artworks like these, it is easy to see why I would choose to use a 3D
printer to make plastic parts for my pickups. If other people can make these,
my own printer should have no problem making pickup covers.

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