The 52T (1952 to 1955) Telecaster lead pickup...

Soundclips 50R and 52T used together (middle position) 52T (52 to 54 Tele type) alone
  52T (1952 Tele lead) alone overdriven

This is the 'second generation' pickup design as originally used

in early 'Blackguard' style Telecasters from 1952 to 1955.

This pickup has many modifications compared to the original '50B' pickup. First, the coil wire gauge was increased from 43 to 42 gauge wire to
make the pickup more even in volume when played with the original rhythm pickup. The magnets were also changed from Alnico III to Alnico V for
a brighter, twangier response to high notes, and the 'twang plate' was changed from zinc to copper plated steel for easier soldering.

    First, we start out with a pair of our own hand machined Forbon (vulcanized fiber) bobbin plates made right in house.
Then we assemble the bobbin with the correct size Alnico V magnets and insulate the bobbin with a coat of nitrocellulose lacquer
to protect the coil windings. Then we wind the pickup's coil with period correct 42 gauge plain enamel wire to customer specification,
and overwrap the coil with a protective coat of white string. The pickup is now potted in a black wax bath
to solidify the coil and protect it, a copper plated steel 'twang plate' is added, 'vintage style' cloth covered hookup wire
is added to the pickup, and the pickup is repotted to reduce microphonics. Once the pickup has cooled,
it is tested for power, tone, and microphonics, and a data sheet is written for each pickup

This pickup is also available in 'RW/RP' (reversed coil winding direction and magnetic polarity)

for players who want a 'humcancelling' effect in the middle pickup switch position when used
with the matching 50R rhythm pickup. If you play with high gain amplifiers and would like your
pickup made without a twang plate for microphonics reasons, we can also custom make
your pickups with the height screw holes threaded just like on a Stratocaster's pickup!

                    Price $74.95 each