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This page is the index listing of available soundclips
for Angeltone musical instrument pickups.
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  All soundclips were recorded without sound effect processing (i.e. compression or EQ) unless noted.
Any overdrive or distortion heard in these soundclips are natural amplifier artifacts.

These soundclips are in video (where noted) or MP3 format

        Broadcaster/Telecaster Style Pickups (All Videos Recorded by John Stannard)
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          John Stannard Special (Youtube Video by JS)
           50B 'Broadcaster Type' Lead (Youtube Video by JS)
           52T 'Tele' Type Lead (Youtube Video by JS)
           55T 'Tele' Type Lead (Youtube Video by JS)

         Audio Clips
           50R (Broadcaster type rhythm pickup) alone
50R and 50B used together (middle position)
           50B (Broadcaster type lead) alone

           50R and 52T used together (middle position)
           52T (52 to 54 Tele type) alone
           52T (1952 Tele lead) alone overdriven

           50R and 55T used together (middle position)
           55T (1955 Tele lead type) alone

           50R and 62T used together (middle position)
           62T (1962 Tele lead type) alone

           65R (1965 Tele type rhythm) alone
           65R/65T used together (middle position)
           65T (1965 Tele lead type) alone

           65R/69T used together (middle position)
           69T (1969 Tele lead type) alone

           Stratocaster Style Pickups

            5S4 Rhythm
            5S4 Rhythm and Middle
            5S4 Middle
            5S4 Middle and Lead
            5S4 Lead
            5S4 Rhythm and Lead

            5S7 Rhythm
            5S7 Rhythm and Middle
            5S7 Middle
            5S7 Middle and Lead
            5S7 Lead
            5S7 Lead (Overdriven)
            5S7 Rhythm and Lead

               6S2 Rhythm
            6S2 Rhythm and Middle
            6S2 Middle
            6S2 Middle and Lead
            6S2 Lead


            6S5 Rhythm
            6S5 Middle
            6S5 Lead
            6S5 Rhythm and Lead

         6S9H (1969 Left Handed for Right Handed guitars)
            6S9H Rhythm
            6S9H Rhythm and Middle
            6S9H Middle
            6S9H Middle and Lead
            6S9H Lead

            7S5 Rhythm
            7S5 Middle
            7S5 Lead

            Dynaplay Rhythm
            Dynaplay Rhythm and Middle
            Dynaplay Middle
            Dynaplay Middle and Lead
            Dynaplay Lead
            Dynaplay Lead (Overdriven)

        Humbucking Pickups
       PAF Type

            PAF Type Rhythm
            PAF Type Both Pickups ON
            PAF Type Lead
            PAF Type Lead Overdriven


            Powerplus Rhythm
            Powerplus Both Pickups On
            Powerplus Lead
            Powerplus Lead Overdriven
            Powerplus Rhythm (Single Coil Mode)
            Powerplus Both Pickups On (Single Coil Mode)
            Powerplus Lead (Single Coil Mode)

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