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Happy Holidays To You
From Angeltone Pickups!



For the third time in three years, Angeltone has partnered
with Premier Guitar Magazine
for their 2018 Mystery Stocking!

What is the Mystery Stocking? They can explain it better than I can...

What is the Mystery Stocking? It's a fun way of getting a great surprise for yourself (or for someone you love)
this holiday season. Each stocking includes some great gear goodies, and over 10% of this year's stockings
will include a big ticket item like an effects pedal, an amp or even one of 15 guitars! 

How do I get it? Our PG Perks rewards program members get exclusive access to the stockings
 so you can go to the Premier Guitar Magazine website and sign up to be a PG Perks member.
(Perks membership is free and delivers a ton of great gear deals and giveaways to your inbox).

What's in it? Great question -- but we're not going to tell you. That's where the "mystery" comes in. We're filling the stockings
with great stuff like cables, pickups, stickers, coupons, gift certificates, picks, strings and much, much, more!
Each stocking makes a great gift for the gear-lover on your list, but don't just take our word for it...
get in the holiday spirit and grab one yourself December 3rd!

If you're interested, a Youtube video is
available... click here

                                                             Introducing the CORSAIR... a custom designed Angeltone pickup
specially designed to give players using light gauge strings
the power and sound of a great vintage pickup!

Here is one of the projects I'm working on here at Angeltone.
This is a 1940's George Stevens electronic coil winder, originally designed
to wind tuning coils for radios and early TV's. Gibson and many other manufacturers
used winders like this one in the 1950's to wind the pickup coils for their instruments.

I am going to rebuild this winder using a modern Arduino microcomputer
and servodrives and turn this into a modern CNC pickup winding robot!

This is going to be an ongoing project... Read about it here


See the John R. Stannard (1957-2015) Memoriam Page Here


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